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Case Study: Solving Difficult Situations with Kubi Homes

Graham North Carolina Fixer Upper
House Purchased By Kubi Homes in Graham, NC


Shannon, a resident of Graham, NC, found herself in a challenging situation when she needed to sell her house quickly and relocate, but lacked the financial means to purchase a new home. She received a cash offer from a different local investment company, but their consistent unresponsiveness and inability to find a way to provide Shannon with the necessary upfront cash to purchase her next home, left Shannon in a predicament.


1. Shannon needed to sell her house fast.

2. Shannon could not purchase her new home without the cash from selling her current home.

3. Other companies that had made Shannon a cash offer were slow to respond and unable to get Shannon cash until after she moved out.

Kubi Homes' Creative Solution

Kubi Homes LLC, a local real estate investment company, reached out to Shannon via text message. Recognizing her urgent and unique situation, Kubi Homes offered a creative solution that addressed all of Shannon's concerns.

Higher Offer

Kubi Homes presented Shannon with a higher cash offer compared to the other local investment company, ensuring she received the best value for her property. Kubi Homes also covered all closing costs associated with the sale of the property, thus allowing Shannon to truly receive top dollar for her home.

Responsive Customer Service/Immediate Close

Kubi Homes demonstrated exceptional responsiveness typically responding within minutes. Unlike the previous offer, Kubi Homes maintained clear and prompt communication with Shannon throughout the process.

Cash Solution/30 Day Leaseback

In order for Shannon to have the immediate capital to purchase her next home prior to moving, Kubi Homes implemented a 30-day leaseback option. A 30-day leaseback is an agreement which allows the homeowner to receive most funds immediately and stay 30 days rent-free.

In this 30 day period, Shannon was able to use the proceeds from the sale of her current home to purchase the new home she was planning to move into. This allowed Shannon to take a deep breath, and alleviated much of her stress around the difficult and quick moving process.


Through Kubi Homes' creative solution, Shannon successfully sold her house, received the required cash to purchase her next home, and enjoyed a relatively stress-free 30-day transition period.


Kubi Homes not only provided a higher cash offer but also prioritized customer service, responsiveness, and tailored solutions to meet Shannon's unique needs. This case exemplifies how a client-focused approach, coupled with innovative solutions, can significantly improve the overall experience of selling one's home.

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